Canadian Dragon Fantasy Art and Sculpture
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Original Artwork and Design by Sandra Staple
                     Photo Information

                      Camera Used: Canon Camcorder
                      Lense Used: Canon Digital Camcorder
                      Film Used:  Digital Photo

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"White Musk Mallow"

White Musk Mallow

These are a selection of photos taken in Nova Scotia of the different wild flowers seen in our province, as well as the flowers that thrive in our gardens. I try to capture the simple beauty of each blossom, which is why many of my photographs are taken close-up with a low field-of-depth.

These color photos were taken using either:
- My Canon AE-1 (Manual) with various lenses such as Canon 50mm, Vivitar 100-200mm, and Canon 28-70mm.
- Canon Zoom Camcorder, not the best digital camera but better than none!

I try to keep the scans and photos on this page as close to the actual colors in the original pieces as possible, but some variation may occur depending on your monitor.

Please do not use this photo without my permission! I do allow some website and personal use of these images as long as my copyright is not removed. Please see my Frequently Asked Questions Page or Copyrights Page for Terms of Use.

If you are interested in purchasing some artwork, you can see a list of available pieces at:

The Canadian Dragon Store

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