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Original Artwork and Design by Sandra Staple
"Homeward Bound"

Flying Green Dragon Drawing
"Homeward Bound," Flying Green Dragon Drawing, 1993

A mother dragon eagerly flys home at the end of a long hunt. She has already returned and fed her family, and returns home now with a full belly and tired wings.

This drawing is one of the very first "good" drawings I accomplished in early High School that I still show on I consider it a corner stone piece in my artist life as it took so many hours and underwent a couple of "redos" that involved much erasing and recoloring different areas. The original has been carefully custom framed by my brother and hangs outside my bedroom door, and is one of a few drawings I have that I will not sell- or only sell for very large amounts of money!

Please do not use this image without my permission! I would also ask that you do not use this on your website as a logo. I do allow some website and personal use of these images as long as my copyright is not removed. Please see my Frequently Asked Questions Page or Copyrights Page for Terms of Use.

I try to keep the scans and photos on this page as close to the actual colors in the original pieces as possible, but some variation may occur depending on your monitor.

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