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Original Artwork and Design by Sandra Staple
Original Art For Sale

I always said I would never sell these pieces of art. They are a part of my childhood, the first 'serious" pieces I ever did, the first ones that truly made me feel like I had accomplished something great. They are a piece of me. So, I thought, no one could ever pay me enough to part with them. Of course as a local girl, I never imagined the internet would provide such a worldwide network to me to be able to sell my art.

Expensive Fantasy Artwork

Why Sell?
Well, it's funny how being a parent changes a person. These drawings are a piece of my past, but now that I have Chloe, I realize I care more for looking to the future and providing her with the best possible life. And with her being dianosed with Diabetes at only 18 months, it means more expenses and less freedom to do things. Selling these drawings for a large amount would be like winning the lottery for me and my family, and ensure that we can provide Chloe with everything she'll ever need. It will also help set me up to be able to focus more on my artwork down the road, and maybe even take some time off my Call Center job to stay home with her (and hopefully, another baby!)

And when I hear about people that buy $100,000 watches, it makes me realize some people do have money to spend. $100,000 would pay off my current mortgage and all my debt. I buy $50 watches. They work just as well! So if you have money to spend on artwork, and would like to help support an artist and mother, I hope you like some of the pieces below and choose me.

I would just like to say though, this is not an open invitation to scam artists. I get tired of people emailing me, I think I've been contacted by 3 different "Embassordors for Canada" in Nigeria, and someone in the UK trying to scam me. For free artwork I suppose. So I'll just say this: Payment must be made, in Full, via a certified cheque. Where it will be for such a large amount, I will work with the bank to ensure it is not fake. This can take about 6-12 months, and no artwork will be sent out before it clears. I will issue a receipt, as I will have to claim any amounts on my taxes. So if you are a scam artist, don't bother emailing me, please. I have very little time in my life for things that I enjoy, let along being harrassed by folks trying to scam online sellers.

That's it folks, if you have any questions please email me or fill out my contact form.

Fantasy Art for Sale

"Deep Blue Assassin"
Fairy Dragon Color Pencil Drawing, 1995
Size: 8 1/2 x 11 on medium weight drawing paper
Asking Amount: $50,000
Reasoning: I drew this in Grade 12, just before Christmas.This drawing has been my good-luck charm since then. The red fairy dragon's name is Jae, and don't worry, he survives the attack from the leaves above! I've gotten several jobs when people saw him in art shows, and he has also won a few contest including our Regional Library Art Contest, which is why he is my lucky charm. I drew this picture completely freehand and without reference.
What I'll use it for: Well, half will go to income tax! Yay! The amount after taxes will go to paying off my PLC, and buying a new car. Our good'ol Saturn is now 11 years old and counting, and just not as reliable as it used to be.

"Golden Eagle"
Coloured Pencil, 1996
Size: 8 x 10 on medium weight drawing paper
Asking Amount: $50,000
Reasoning: The golden eagle is one of my favorite birds of prey, but unfortunately not everyone share's my enthusiasm for their outgoing nature. Maybe it's just me, but I think they have so much more character than other eagles. I spent an entire day on this one drawing and it was one of the first "realism" pieces I tried to do. I had tried to do a golden eagle previously to this one, it didn't turn out as good and got stolen!
What I'll use it for: Well, half will go to income tax! Yay! Well if the PLC hasn't been taken care of yet, I'll pay that off. For the rest, Jason and I have always wanted to go on another trip, we haven't been on one since our honeymoon. Maybe Hawaii because where it's on the West Coast, normally it would be too expensive to visit.

"Homeward Bound"
Coloured Pencil, 1993
Size: 11 x 17 on light-weight drawing paper. Custom Framed with silk matt.
Asking Amount: $100,000
Reasoning: This drawing is the very first "good" drawing I accomplished in early High School/late Junior High that I still show on I consider it a corner stone piece in my artist life as it took so many hours and underwent a couple of "redos" that involved much erasing and recoloring different areas. The original has been carefully custom framed by my brother and hangs outside my bedroom door.
What I'll use it for: Well, half will go to income tax yet again, but that would leave a good chunk to pay of our mortgage and put towards a new house... yay for having more than two bedrooms!

"Mere Childsplay"
Coloured Pencil, 1994
Size: 16 x 20 on medium-weight drawing paper. Custom Framed with beautiful knotted wood frame.
Asking Amount: $250,000
Reasoning: This drawing is the second "good" drawing I accomplished in early High School that I still show on I consider it a corner stone piece in my artistic life as it took so many hours and is quite large. It also marks a point in my life when I still (somehow) had some innocence, hense the title. The image above is only a small portion of the entire piece. I cropped it because I got tired of people asking me if the little baby unicorn and dragon were having, well, you know. Arg! They're just playing, but the dragon's tail raps up around the unicorn, supposed to be like they were tumbling in the grass.
What I'll use it for: Well, actually... buy a new house. Finally out of our 2 bedroom tiny one and get something for a growing family, maybe even with an extra room I can setup for my artwork!

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